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Planting spring bulbs

Published on Wednesday March 18, 2009

TulipHave you been looking out of your window wishing you had more or indeed any spring bulbs?

Bulbs are a fantastic relatively cheap way of filling your borders with colour in the spring and I always use them in planting plans. They are ideal for planting under hardy geraniums or other deciduous perennials, which come into leaf as the bulb leaves are dying back.

Spring daffodilsThere is such a huge variety of bulbs available on the market. If you have a hot border in the summer of oranges, reds and yellows, why not have the same in the spring, with Narcissus Glen Cover with orange trumpets, and the miniature Narcissus Tete a Tete. These could be inter-planted with Tulipa Greigii Cape Cod or the species Tulips that do not need to be planted every year and will re-appear and spread gradually, such as Tulipa clusiana Sheila (Red & Yellow).

DaffodilFor a stylish white flowering border you could plant lots of snow drops, the common Galanthus nivallis is my favourite whilst others like Galanthus Elwessii which has thicker leaves and stands taller. These followed by the white Narcissus Thalia, and white or Ivory Tulips and then Allium Ivory Queen will take you right through from February to June.

So get out into your garden mark the spaces you want to fill with bulbs for next year ( as you won’t be able to remember where they are in the autumn) and plan to plant Narcissus and Galanthus in Sept, Tulips and Allium in November. Or if you want to cheat, order snow drops in the green and buy pots of bulbs to create small splashes in the border until you can plant the rest in the autumn.

For fabulous selections of bulbs look at:
Bloms Bulbs
Dutch Bulbs
and visit Clock House nursery opposite Forty Hall in Enfield.

Happy gardening.

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