Garden Notes

Cost effective planting

Published on 1 October 2008

Window boxIn these difficult financial times, spending money on your garden might be a low priority, but have you considered the value of making your front drive and front garden look more attractive. If you’re having trouble selling your house making the best of how it looks and improving first impressions is very important and can be done for not very much money.

I change my window boxes 2-3 times a year and the impact on the house is huge, not only does it look better it also makes you feel better when you come home.

If you’re going for a sleek look, smartly clipped evergreens such as box and bay are good for structure. Going for mainly evergreen with one or two other flower colours gives a more understated look. Winter flowering pansies, will flower all the way through to next summer as long as you deadhead them regularly. Small trailing variegated ivies and grasses soften the edges of pots and window boxes, bringing the arrangement together.

Bay treeWhen choosing flower, foliage and container colours think about the colour of your brickwork, front door and even your cars. All these things are going to be seen together and choosing complimentary colours will enhance the look of the house rather than work against it.

Larger evergreens such as standard bay trees or clipped holly need a decent size pot but once planted, can remain in the same pot year if you remove the plant once a year in the autumn and cut away approx. 8cm of the root ball. This restricts its growth, and stops it becoming pot bound. New compost can then be put in around the outside of the pot allowing you to put small bulbs in, such as, Narcissus Tete a tete or small plug bedding plants in the spring and summer.

Happy gardening.

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