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Creating colour in your garden

Published on 14 September 2008

Are you looking around the garden wishing you had more colour this time of year? Something to greet you when you come back from holiday?

A shrub to consider for next year is a Fuchsia, it’s low maintenance and will flower year after year creating a blaze of colour when a lot of other plants are over. The best choice is one of the hardy varieties which you simply cut back in February to a framework, on established bushes, of 20 cm from the ground and wait for them to reward you with an endless supply of bright and blowsy or subtle and slender flowers from July to the frosts.

Best known for their pink and purple pixie hat flowers, there are also some lovely quieter varieties that will blend into the border. I’ve just planted a hardy white variety Fuchsia Hawkshead next to my pond. As part of a largely white planting scheme, it’s delicate flowers will look lovely on arched stems around the pond. I also have the much brighter Fuchsia magellanica which provides a fabulous focal point in a large border, planted in front of a purple leaved Physocarpus and a Miscanthus sinensis malepartus, which produces burgundy flower heads in late summer.

Pencil thick cuttings from a hardy Fuchsia root easily in a pot with bottom heat or in open ground in late summer or spring. Keep them moist, cut to 5 cm from the ground in spring and watch and wait. Alternatively F.magellanica is widely available in nurseries or look at for a wider selection of hardy varieties at Cottage Garden Nurseries or Roualeyn Fuchsias

Happy gardening.

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