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Enjoy some relaxed gardening

Published on 1 July 2009

I think the summer, and especially the one weve been having so far, is definitely a time to relax and enjoy your garden. I must say I do find that hard as Im always looking at what needs to be done.

Lilium RegaleGardening jobs can be quite gentle in the summer, a bit of deadheading to encourage plants to continue to flower instead of setting seed. A bit of tying in of new long stems of roses or other climbers and of course the dreaded weeding which is best left until the soil is a little moist so that they come out easily and dont leave their roots behind.

You could also think about feeding your roses with rose fertilizer and putting a general fertilizer around other flowering shrubs and perennials. In this heat some of my large shrubs such as Camellias, Hydrangeas have been wilting and Ive had to water them, Im wondering when global warming will stop me planting them for other people.

If you are sitting relaxing, what you need is a lovely scent to smell. Try Lilium regale beautiful white lilies which take up little space and can be grown amongst other things, or one of the Dianthus (Pinks) with small flowers, usually in pink, red or white with pretty grey green leaves.

Philidelphus is a large shrub producing heavily scented rose like flowers in June, which needs to be grown with plenty of space. For bedding plants grow from seed or buy Nicotiana the tobacco plant. In this heat it releases a heady scent in the evening when youre sitting on your patio.

If you are still thinking about doing your garden one day and there is no real gardening to be done or planting to enjoy, buy some Nicotiana and pinks, put them in a large pot or trough near your garden table while you plan your garden for next year.

Happy gardening.

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