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Revitalise your garden for the new year

Published on 1 January 2009

Garden plan by Alison MasonSo Christmas is over and now your mind may turn to new projects. With the credit crunch you maybe be unable to put some of these projects into practice, perhaps you are unable to move, or you can’t effect change in some areas of your life. Re-designing or re-planting your garden is at least an area of your life over which you can have some control.

Spending money on your garden will be an investment, either in making it a more pleasurable place to be in the coming years or in making your property more attractive for a future sale. If you know nothing about the design process, approaching a designer may seem a daunting process but having a garden design does not have to be expensive. The actual design is really only a small proportion of the total cost of having a garden landscaped and it can all be done in stages.

Garden plan by Alison MasonThe first thing is to meet with a designer to discuss your ideas. The garden can be designed with a budget in mind and doesn’t have to include a huge outlay on hard landscaping. It can be a subtle re-shaping to make the most of your site, creating new focal points and bringing the different aspects of the garden together. The best designers will take a detailed brief and really listen to what you want. This means that the design should reflect your style and the way you use the garden and you won’t end up with something you don’t like.

You may want to develop one part of the garden this year and another the next. Or you might want to just re-plant one area of the garden. Just doing this can have a great impact on your enjoyment of the garden and the view of it from the house. Once you have an overall garden design, you can implement it at your leisure.

So, if you want to make the most of your home, don’t be afraid of design, you can be in control of the costs and use the process to create an investment for yourself.

Happy gardening.

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