Wildlife Garden for Walker School wildlife_garden wildlife pond Wildlife Garden for Walker School Wildlife pond Wildlife Garden for Walker School

The Modern Wildlife School Garden

Alison was commissioned to design a new pond for Walker Primary School in 2005. The design is a wildlife garden with a modern twist. Geometric in design, it suits it’s setting, and enables a whole class to pond dip around the pond.

The planting in the pond garden is designed to attract wildlife and within a year the pond and garden were teeming with interest. Her involvement with the school has lead to further horticultural projects taken on by the school and use of the area within the school curriculum.

What we did

  • We created a modern pond garden that suited it’s location and use
  • We filled the garden and pond with plants that would produce flowers, fruit and seeds over as long a period as possible to encourage wildlife in the garden
  • We used the design in class to facilitate it’s use as part of the curriculum
  • We re-designed and planted the school front borders, improving the look of the school, and how teachers, parents and children felt on arrival

The Client’s testimonial

‘Alison has been a great motivator with regards to our outdoor curriculum. We have worked successfully on at least three projects together enabling us to get closer to becoming a sustainable school. Her knowledge, skill and sheer enthusiasm when working with children on our garden and pond projects has been fantastic..’

Liz Whincop, Head teacher, Walker Primary School, Enfield

Before and after

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