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Small front drive and garden

This front drive was created for a couple who were already delighted with the design and completion of their back garden. The brief for the design was to create an attractive front drive that also looked like a front garden. The clients were keen to keep their Pyracantha by the front door which supports many birds and to have as many attractive plants as possible within a small area to provide all round year interest.

The design met the brief by creating a distinct garden path with pockets of planting which frame the circluar parking area where the car is to be parked and is made to look as much like a garden as possible.

A high quality blue limestone was used and is free draining to meet new legal requirements about water run-off from drives. The planting is in striking colours of orange, reds and blues which compliment the blue of the limestone and the coral red brick of the house. This is achieved through foliage, flowers and fruit appearing at different times of year.

A small tree is planted to provide a focal point at the front of the garden, climbers to provide height and frame the window and box hedging and other evergreens to provide structure through the year.

The design is a good example of what you can achieve in, and how creative planting can make the most of a small area.

The Client’s testimonial

‘It is a wonderful thing indeed when a designer can get inside your head, work out what you want and can realistically maintain and then create the garden of your dreams – thank you so much Alison, we can’t wait to work together on the next project!.’

Carlamarie and Micheal kernon Winchmore Hill, North London

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