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Square London Family Garden

This design needed to make the most of a square, relatively small garden and to incorporate the clients desire for a waterfall and large pond for fish. The garden was to be formal, with box borders and new sunny plant borders to introduce more colour into the garden, whilst having interest for the children.

The asymmetric design allowed for a journey towards a new seating area around a millstone water feature, which was a previously overgrown and unused area of the garden.

What we did

  • We created different areas of interest in a small square garden which was very overgrown
  • We opened the garden out and introduced raised walls to deal with a difference in height
  • A seating area around a millstone and cobble water feature was designed within the raised wall
  • The asymmetric design allowed for deeper beds to create interest and distract from the boundaries
  • A large pond for fish and natural stone waterfall were built
  • A mauve, pink and white planting scheme was used to create colour where there was none before.

The Client’s testimonial

‘Re-designing our garden required a huge mixture of inspiration and imagination and Alison delivered this in spades. Our small, overgrown space was transformed into a structurally elegant and very restful environment, with interesting features to catch the eye and plenty of accessible, well-designed flower beds to cultivate existing and new shrubs and plants.’

‘All our suggestions and requirements were taken into account, from the pond and waterfall to the planting colour scheme, but it was Alison’s own ideas, such as the symmetry of the design, the incorporation of an old mill stone into a circular shaded seating area, and the positioning of the plants that really made the project so successful.’

‘From beginning to end, the transformation of our garden as been extremely well managed with a great attention to detail from Alison. We now enjoy the garden so much, it is hard to drag ourselves inside!’

Julie Reeves, North London

Before and after

Square London Garden
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