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House sales 2016

Published on 14 December 2016

Given the insecurity of the financial markets, many people are delaying a move. Improving your garden is a wonderful way of making most of your home and if you plan to sell or rent out your home in due course, then making the garden an extension of the house and a beautiful place to be can increase the value of your property. AS well as providing a full design service, I can provide you with a concept drawing to use in a Sale portfolio, or provide a garden makeover for a quick sale.

A full design and maintenance plan would show prospective buyers the potential of your garden. A small amount of time spent on making your garden look good and harmonizing it’s colours and form with the style of your house will make your property look much more attractive.

First appearances are very important in house sales and people often neglect the outside of their property and the impact that it will have on visitors. I can offer a one off consultation through to full design to assist in helping sell your property.

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